• 6 Pack Replacement Bungee Pack.
  • Use as Trimmer Assist replacement bungee
  • Use as Detector Assist replacement bungee
  • Use as heavy duty dual cord Tarp Bungee
  • Use as extra long Canopy Bungee
  • Use as general purpose Utility Bungee
  • Dual loop, 5mm, 12 inch bungee cord.

Besides duct tape and batteries, theres nothing more useful
around the house than versatile bungee's. Especially a bungee
that offers several different applications with the worlds only dual
cord bungee loop system.
Replacement Bungee Pack
stihl string trimmer strap
Purchase string trimmer strap
Trimmer Assist
Trimmer Assist replacement bungee
6 Pack, Heavy Duty Replacement

$7.35  Shipping $2.50
Dual Cord Bungee!
Tags; Tarp Bungee, Canopy Bungee
Tarp Bungee & Canopy Bungee
- Trimmer Assist & Detector Assist Replacement Bungee