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We started the tour with a look at all the metal detector lots that they make in a special room that they have and in this room is a lot of finds that have been made by
Whites machines users both here and in the states. There were loads of pictures and photos of spectacular finds all over the walls it was well worth the long drive
just to see them.

Angela then took us to the shipping area which was like an Aladdin’s cave of each metal detector stacked high to the ceiling. There were racks of bright orange
detectors that were destined for the Russian and French markets these are the detectors that they make in house and they make a grand total of around 10,000
units every year.

That’s a lot of beeps.
We were then handed over to James Logan who took us on a tour of the Factory floor. James has been working there since the beginning. We were very impressed
with his knowledge
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on all things related to building and using of detectors. He showed us step by step how a detector was made. This is
where they make their coils and specialised machines for winding the copper wire inside your coils all done by
computerised winders so they can keep the coils at optimum performance. We then moved on to the assembly area
where they put all the components together to make the final product.

We started with the coils that were expertly put together by Liz MacDonald if you have ever done any soldering these
girls are so skilled and would put you to shame.
Manufacturing whites metal detectors
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We moved onto the circuit board assembly area and were treated to a display of dexterity and skill by Alyson MacLellan. She was amazing to watch her put the
components into not one but six circuit boards at once then to spin the whole lot upside down and  solder them into place. We then moved to the next area which
was an assembly area where they put together all the components the  final product was made and put on the rack and then back to the start to start the next one.
James who was telling us step by step what everyone was doing and why. He was a great font of knowledge and for myself without a technical brain explained
everything in nice easy terms.

After the tour he took us back to the display area and we tested a couple of machines a whites V3i and a VX3 both look good machines and very deep. We then
went back into the office area and were given the answers to the question that our readers have submitted here is a list of the questions and answers.

Why did you pick Scotland as your UK base.
Answer: There was an existing company operating in Inverness who were doing some manufacturing and also selling under license to White’s. They went into
receivership and White’s took over the business in April 1981.

Do you think that there will ever be a metal detector with built in GPS

Answer: Yes: this is on our road map.
You make PI machines that are totally waterproof why can’t you make all machines waterproof.

Answer: This imposes severe design restricts for example, it makes having a trigger switch difficult , so most waterproof designs use a pinpoint button on the face
plate. Most people prefer the trigger switch. It also links the kind of controls and displays we can use pots and switches are difficult and expensive to waterproof. It
also means that the batteries should be in the main housing which limits how a battery pack can be used to balance a detector.
For most of our detectors we prefer to make them rain proof. Waterproof detectors are more expensive to make and require additional profit margins to deal with
a higher expected warranty repair rate Technical question – why is that some machines don’t pick up coke?
whites metal detectors
Answer: I don’t have a lot of experience with coke, but I understand that it typically hits in the foil range. So any detector that has a poor foil response will probably
have a better job rejecting coke. PI detectors should do better than most VLF designs – Carl Moreland, Whites Chief Engineer
What are the Whites goals for the future (i.e. new machines?)

Answer: In VLF – land , we are improving our response speed for  better target separation, improving target ID and working on better(more analog-ish) audio
responses. Other things I cannot mention right now (sorry) - Carl Moreland, Whites Chief Engineer Ask them why the programs they send out for the v3i, when
you ask them for them, are so bad for this country. Namely land 1, 2, and 3. Even on air tests they're not very good compared to  programs that have been made
by people who use the detector.

Answer : These are tried and tested programs given to whites by  experienced detectorists, they may not be suitable for all detectorists and the conditions they
are working in .

Answer: Each Whites Metal Detector is bench tested and also field tested on various locations before being returned to the customer. If further tests are required
we use an independent consultant .

We at Up Yer Kilt Magazine would like to thank
Whites Electronics and their staff for all their support and for looking after us on the day it was above and beyond
the call of duty and much appreciated. One more thing Angela was saying is they don’t get much feedback from whites users in UK and they are always looking
for unusual items for their display room.  C’mon guys give them a call and help them out.
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